Where your child is  Guranteed of a first Grade!


Welcome Remarks

Welcome to Sir Apollo Kaggwa Schools. I hope that as you browse through this website you will feel a sense of the heartbeat of our schools, situated in the midst of the Kampala and neighbouring communities

Our Motto is “Where you child is Guaranted of a first Grade”.

In essence, that sums up what Sir Apollo Kaggwa schools is all about – the development of young people and the role that we play in helping them grow to their full potential. The young men and women who leave Sir Apollo Kaggwa Schools are confident, energetic and passionate individuals, ready to take their place in contemporary  society and make a meaningful and significant contribution.



School is, first and foremost, a place where children come to learn, and the pursuit of academic excellence remains one of our strategic goals. However, the life lessons that are learnt at school are often learnt outside the classroom. At Sir Apollo Kaggwa Schools we offer our students a myriad of opportunities to become involved in sport, drama, music and a variety of other cultural activities. We believe passionately that we should educate the whole child, and give all the children in our care the opportunity to find their own niche, and to excel in their own particular way. I have come to know that ours are schools where issues related to education and schooling are debated and thought about deeply.



We have developed numerous original programs relating to teaching pedagogy, leadership development and pastoral care which have given SAKS a reputation for ground-breaking pioneering and innovation. Those of us who are privileged to work within the school community believe strongly that Sir Apollo kaggwa schools are perhaps one of the most successful examples of transformation in the Uganda system.

There are many threads I could weave to describe the rich tapestry of Sir Apollo Kaggwa schools, but can perhaps simply sum up by saying that these are schools with teachers who are passionate about education, pupils who are encouraged to reach for their dreams, and an environment that celebrates innovation and exudes a palpable sense of energy and purpose.


Fairways P/S Kireka

We are glad to introduce to you Fairways. located on Jinja road a mixed school.

Winston Day & Boarding P/S Kawempe

Yet another school on Bombo road just a few kilometers from the city centre. We believe convinient is another factor on top of our academic excellence.


Sir Apollo Kaggwa P/S Mengo

A school like no other. Located in Mengo and offers..

Sir Apollo Kaggwa P/S Nakasero

This is located in Nakasero just Next to..

Sir Apollo Kaggwa P/S Old Kampala

With its 10yrs in exsitence. our shool is growing stronger and stronger


Kyengera Parents’ School

Masaka road is graced with another school which has remained an academic giant in the area and Uganda at large

Kyengera Parents’ school Mugongo

Mugongo is a residential area and we believe fostering and naturing the children in the area with our quality eduction is one awesome thing we can do